What you must do
  • It is mandatory to sort waste using the appropriate containers;
  • Dishwashing and laundry are only allowed in the designated washing areas.
What you can do
  • You can enter and exit on foot or by bicycle at any time, but with the utmost respect for other people;
  • Pets are welcome only if supervised by their owners to avoid harassment, disturbance, or damage to things and/or people: dogs must be kept on a leash, and their waste must be collected
What you need to know

The manager is exempt from any liability in case of damage to property, even if left unattended outside the vehicle, and to people; furthermore, the manager is exempt from any liability related to thefts that occur inside the vehicles parked in the area.

In case of violation of the rules of coexistence and service use, the manager can request the immediate removal of the offender from the rest area and seek the intervention of public authorities if the non-compliance has caused actual material damage or constitutes a crime.

What you cannot do
  • Camping activities (external use of tents, awnings, tables and chairs, deck chairs, clotheslines, etc.) are prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to dirty or damage the area, its tree equipment, structures, and installations;
  • It is forbidden to leave waste, discharge vehicle toilets outside the designated pit, light fires, hang clothes, expose cylinders, light barbecues, etc., or other tools within the area;
  • It is forbidden to commit any act or activity that may cause damage to people or things or result in wasting energy or drinking water;
  • It is forbidden to wash vehicles;
  • It is forbidden to turn on motor generators;
  • It is forbidden to make loud noises, and to play radios and televisions at high volume.


Customers presenting the card are entitled to a €2 discount on electricity