How to activate and use the services

Parking rules

Parking of vehicles is allowed only in designated spaces.

Do not park along the access and maneuvering lanes or in a way that obstructs the entry and exit maneuvers of vehicles.

Do not park in a way that obstructs the camper service operation.

Wastewater discharge

The vehicle must be positioned so that the discharge pipe can allow the best possible discharge.

Open the discharge valve.

After discharging, move the vehicle to the designated parking space.

Clean the grid and remove any residues.

Please carry out operations in compliance with the most basic hygiene rules and good manners.

Use of potable water

You can connect to the power outlets of the dispensing columns only after making the payment at the reception.

The manager undertakes to monitor the safety of electrical connections up to the final outlets or to the distribution box: from that point on, the responsibility for all connections and installed systems lies entirely with the user.


Customers presenting the card are entitled to a €2 discount on electricity