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San Giuliano Venice is the ideal place for those who want to spend a holiday with plenty of physical activities. You can sign up for sailing- or Venetian-style rowing lessons or you can do sports in the vast San Giuliano Park.

Sailing lessons

Visitors may sign up for sailing lessons held by qualified instructors in the extraordinary Venice lagoon and the Adriatic Sea.

Venetian-style rowing lessons

Visitors may sign up for Venetian-style rowing lessons held by qualified instructors in the Venice lagoon.
Venetian-style rowing is a very peculiar rowing technique, typical for Venice, allowing one oarsman to move the entire boat without a helm and standing on his feet. It is said that the standing position is due to the fact that the oarsmen had to look at the sea while rowing due to very shallow waters. Venetian rowing dates back to the 5th century when the first inhabitants settled in the lagoon, whose waters were as shallow then as they are today.


In San Giuliano Park there are many kilometres of cycle lanes and walking trails twisting and winding through its 700 hectares of green areas. You can rent a bike to keep in shape and enjoy the largest European urban park to its fullest.

Sports field

San Giuliano park is equipped with a semi-standardised 11-player soccer field.

Jogging and fitness trails

Caravan Park San Giuliano is the ideal place for those who like to keep in shape. You can enjoy many kilometres of paths and trails stretching through the largest European park for jogging. Also there are many sorts sports equipment scattered along the entire itinerary.

Venice Marathon

San Giuliano Park is part of the journey of Venice Marathon, among the most beautiful marathons in the world. 42 Km long, as required by the Olympic distance, it starts from the Riviera del Brenta, passing through the center of Mestre and San Giuliano Park to reach Venice.