We welcome you at the Equipped Area of San Giuliano Venice in Mestre. To ensure the correct stay and ensure the well-being of all guests of the structure, please take note of the following information and scrupulously observe the following rules. Access to the structure is allowed to guests and visitors only by accepting these rules of procedure. The Regulations are considered accepted upon entry.

The equipped rest area was established pursuant to art. 7 and 185 of Legislative Decree 285/1992 and of art. 36 of the Law of the Veneto Region n.11 / 2013 with a special Resolution of the Extraordinary Commissioner of the City of Venice taken with the powers of the City Council n. 52 of 26.06.2015. The Municipality of Venice subsequently proceeded, pursuant to current legislation, to entrust the management to third parties of the complex through the signing of a specific agreement.

The services offered in the equipped parking area include:

Approximately 100 parking spaces with night lighting;

Light / clear water discharge and organic residues;

Removable chemical toilet discharge;

Load drinking water;

Complete toilets and disabled toilet with access platform;

Presence in the structure of an operator h 24;

Reception with operator at least 8 hours a day;

Connection to the paid electricity network;

Video surveillance guaranteed by cameras;

Armed surveillance with patrols from 24.00 to 06.00;

General Limitations

Only caravans and motorhomes can access the equipped area as per art.54 c.1.lettera m of Legislative Decree 285/1992 and art. 36 of the Law of the Veneto Region nr. 11/2013;

Temporary parking is allowed for a maximum period of 48h consecutive;

It is absolutely forbidden to carry out any form of camping inside the equipped area. Pursuant to Article 185 of the Highway Code, it does not constitute a campsite if the vehicle is on the ground only with wheels, it does not emit its own outflows (except those of the mechanical propeller) and does not occupy the area of ​​relevance to an extent exceeding encumbrance of the vehicle itself. So it is not allowed to occupy the ground with other equipment, whether they are accessory or not to the vehicle (such as tents, awnings, etc.) or to occupy the ground with objects, tools or equipment or other materials (for example: table chairs, sunshades, stoves, deckchairs, clothes-line, etc. …)

Rules of behavior

It is forbidden to gross or damage the area, its arboreal structures and its structures / plants; it is forbidden to abandon waste, to unload the vehicles outside the special well, to light fires, to hang clothes, to expose cylinders, to light the barbecue etc … or other tools inside the area; it is forbidden to commit any act / activity that could cause damage to people or things or involve wasting energy or drinking water.

It is mandatory to perform the separate waste collection using the appropriate containers,

It is forbidden to wash vehicles.

It is forbidden to turn on motor-driven generators.

It is forbidden to make noise, keep the loud volume of radios and televisions;

Entry and exit on foot or by bike are not prohibited at any time but must be carried out with the utmost respect.

The washing of the crockery and cloths is allowed only in the special area sinks and sinks;

Pets are allowed only if kept by the owners in order to avoid harassment, disturbance or damage to property and / or people. There is an obligation to keep dogs on a leash and to collect the respective deities.


The fare for parking and for the use of the services offered in the equipped area, established with a special provision by the City of Venice, is 18 Euro per 24 hours of stay. There is also a special rate of 10 euros for the use of sanitary equipment for those in transit only who do not intend to stay in the area.

Of the aforesaid tariffs, appropriate information is given to the users by public display. The tariff table is exposed at the entrance in a visible way to the users. The payment of the non-distributable daily rate allows the use of a stall for 24h or fraction from the time of actual entry until the same time of the following day. The payment must be made at the automatic cash machine outgoing for periods longer than 24 hours but within 48 hours. After payment, the exit can be carried out in the maximum time of 10 minutes sufficient for the last operations.

Rules for the discharge of waste water

It should be remembered that the operation must always be carried out in compliance with the most basic hygiene standards and good manners:

The vehicle must be positioned in such a way that the exhaust pipe can allow the discharge to be carried out in the best possible way;

Open the drain gate;

When the discharge is complete, move the vehicle to the designated parking space;

Clean the grid and remove residues;

Rules for the use of drinking water

Avoid any form of waste. It is absolutely forbidden to use water for improper use. The amount of water that can be withdrawn is proportional to the capacity of the tanks of the parked vehicle. It is absolutely forbidden to use water to wash the camper or for other uses other than that of loading the tank.

Rules for the use of electricity

The connection to the power sockets of the supply columns can be activated following payment at the Reception. The operator supervises the safety of the electrical connections up to the final outlets or up to the distribution box the responsibility from that point on of all the connections and systems installed is totally of the user.

Rules for parking the vehicle

The parking of vehicles is allowed only in the special stalls. It is forbidden to stop along the access and maneuvering lanes or in any case so as not to hinder the exit maneuvers, vehicles entry. It is finally forbidden to stop the operation of a camper service.


Parking is not guarded. The manager is therefore exempt from any liability for damage to property, even if left unattended outside the vehicle, and to persons; it is also exempt from any liability related to theft occurring within vehicles parked in the area.


The violation of the previous conditions may lead, at the discretion of the manager, the immediate removal from the stopping area of ​​the transgressor by the public authorities in the event that the non-compliance may have caused a real material damage or constituted a crime.

In the case of prolonged stay after 48 hours the offender, in addition to being required to pay the relative fee, can be sanctioned by the Public Authorities pursuant to art. 39 of L.R. n. 16/2004 and of the art. 7 of the Highway Code.